Arathi Basin

Related Alliance-friendly faction: The Leagues of Arathor
Related Horde-friendly faction: The Defilers

The hills of the Arathi Highlands are home to Arathi Basin, a king-of-the-hill style battleground in which players must work together to capture, claim, and hold certain areas on the map.

Your raid group of 15 squares off against the opposing faction to hold as many points as it can for the longest, by any means necessary. If the opposing faction owns a 'site' you must claim the flag at that site and hoping that you aren't interrupted. The flag would then change to neutral, during which time you must keep a presence in the area. If left unchallenged, your faction will claim it. Teamplay is important as defending and holding a site works better with a larger number of people.

Quests for this instance also include finding abandonned supply crates.

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