Arthas Menethil, Prince of Lordaeron, Knight of the Silver Hand, Lord of the Scourge. Arthas Menethil was the son of Terenas Menethil II and heir to the throne. Arthas was mentored by one of the greatest paladins to have ever lived, Uther the Lightbringer. Despite everything he has going for him, he was still tempted by the taint of evil.

[edit] History

Prince Arthas Menethil was born to King Terenas Menethil II before the Second War. The young prince grew up in a time when the lands of Azeroth were ravaged by war. As a young child, he became friends with Varian Wrynn.

Arthas was trained in combat by Muradin Bronzebeard, the brother of the dwarven king Magni Bronzebeard, and became an adept swordsman. Under the apprenticeship of Uther the Lightbringer, Arthas became a disciple of the Silver Hand at the age of 19. Despite his rash and headstrong behavior, Arthas became a renowned warrior.

It was during this time that Arthas met the youngest daughter of Daelin Proudmoore, the sorceress Jaina. Over the years, they grew quite close, and struck up a romantic relationship. In the end though, Jaina's magical studies in Dalaran and Arthas' commitments in Lordaeron forced them to remain apart for long stretches of time. The two youths decided to maintain their strong friendship and put the romance on ice until a better time could arise for them.

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