Caverns of Time

[edit] Instances

The Caverns of Time is located in Tanaris. It has three instances that require the Burning Crusade which are Old Hillsbrad Foothills were the Infinite Dragonflight are trying to stop the young warcheif called Thrall to get to Kalimdor. The second instance is the Black Morass now known as the Blasted Lands. The Infinite Dragonflight try to kill Medivh so that he could never finish the portal and the Orcs could never get into Azeroth. The third instance is the Battle of Mount Hyjal were there are no Infinite Dragonflight and the raid has survive waves of Scourge.

[edit] Wrath of the Lich King

A new instance will be available to players named the Culling of Stratholme. This instance revisits the Warcraft III campaign mission as you join Arthas the Paladin purge Stratholme of the Scourge.

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