The Icon of the Forge, Dwarves the Masters under the Mountain
Character ClassesClass
Racial MountRam
Racial TraitsRacials
  • Stone Form
  • Treasure Finding
  • Frost Resistance
  • Gun Specialization
LanguagesDwarvish, Common
Current LeaderMagni Bronzebeard King of the Bronzebeard Clan
Height3'9" - 4'5" (males), 3'7" - 4'3" (females)


[edit] In-Game

Much like stone and metal the dwarves shape so adeptly, the dwarves themselves are sturdy and durable. This gives them more physical staying power than some of the other races. While neither stupid nor clumsy, dwarves are often the last to leave a battlefield.

[edit] Starting Attributes

Base Hunter Paladin Priest Rogue Warrior
Strength 22 22 24 22 23 25
Agility 16 19 16 16 19 16
Stamina 23 24 25 23 24 25
Intellect 19 19 19 21 19 19
Spirit 19 20 20 22 19 19

[edit] Racial Traits


Dwarves have taken their knowledge of Stone a step further, with Stoneform it will give you immunity to poison, disease and bleed effects as well as increasing your armour by 10% for 8 seconds, with a 3 minute cooldown.

This works very well when under heavy attack, the ability to purge poisons, diesase and bleed effects reduces your damage taken considerably.

Treasure Finding:

Dwarves may not have the best eyesight but they have been spotting treasure longer than anyone can remember. However, it has been discovered recently that if they concentrate hard enough they can find treasure above ground too. With this ability all treasure chests appear on the mini-map as yellow dots, until cancelled.

Using this Racial gives you the decision if you need to venture down a path or check up a set of stairs.

Frost Resistance:

Living on the wintry peaks of Dun Morogh gives all dwarves a natural resistance against Frost, in this case +10 Frost Resistance.

Give this Frost Resistance all Frost based attacks and effects have a chance to be resisted.

Gun Specialization:

Dwarves have been using guns ever since they were invented and are a very skilled shot, with the added +1% critical hit chance when weilding a Gun.

The added bonus to your Gun Skill allows you a greater chance of hitting a target critically when your dwarf is weilding a Gun as a ranged weapon.

[edit] Starting Location

Anvilmar, a small town in southern Dun Morogh is the starting place for both Gnomes and Dwarves. The wolves and troggs that dominate the hunting grounds nearby are of low level. To receive quests simply go to the friendly people of Anvilmar.

[edit] Brief History

The stoic dwarves of Ironforge spent countless generations mining treasures from deep within the earth. There, the dwarves unearthed a series of ruins that held secrets to their ancient heritage. Driven to discover the truth about his people's fabled origins, the great King Magni Bronzebeard ordered that the dwarves shift their industry from mining to archaeology. As part of the Grand Alliance, the stalwart dwarven armies have been called away to battle the merciless Horde in far away lands. In these perilous times, the defense I the mountain kingdom falls to brave dwarves like you. The spirits of the ancient kings watch over you and the very mountains are your strength. The future of your people is in your hands.

Some speculate that the dwarves are descended from the mysterious race known as the "Earthen". As the children of the Titans, they were to shape and guard the earth from deep within. With implosion of the Well of Enternity, the Earthen sealed themselves away until some unknown event mysteriously awoke them from theirs slumber. In time, they made their way to the surface and found homes within the mountains, founding their home Ironforge.

Three clans rise amongst them, and they lived in relative peace among one and another until High King Anvilmar passed away, leaving no heir. War broke out among the three fractions until Madoran Bronzebeard at last managed leverage and cast out the other clans. The Bronzebeards rule Ironforge dwarves to this day.

[edit] Roleplaying Tips

Playing a dwarf can be quite enjoyable. They are very passionate people. They work hard and they play hard. Dwarves will rarely stop before a task is complete. Whether this be to take an enemy keep, fully excavate a set of ruins, forge a unique sword, or relax after a day of work, dwarves give their full attention to whatever they are doing at the time. Each task has its own time and you should concentrate on the task at hand.

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