Game Mechanics

Game Mechanics for World of Warcraft, like any RPG, are quite complex. Knowing the mechanics can help you better make decisions in equipment setup, enchants, and generally how get the most out of your character.

[edit] Buffs/Debuffs

Buffs play a large part of the end-game raid dynamic, as they have the potential to drastically raise your stats, allowing you to do better. Applying this to the entire raid group means that you'll play more effectively.


    Some buffs and debuffs can be applied several times and stack up. A little number on top of the icon will indicate how many times that buff/debuff is applied. Other abilities, however, will only let you apply them if they are more powerful than the current one.


    When players cast a buff or debuff they need to be in their line of sight, or basically able to see that character directly. Some debuffs, however, are only active as long as the enemy has you in his line of sight. Players will need to take cover and make sure they can't see them.

[edit] Character Stats

Character stats consist of the main stats you find in many RPGs including Strength, Stamina, Intellect, Spirit, Agility. In WoW items are the primary means of increasing stats. With each level you gain you also get a number of stats depending on your character class.

[edit] Formulas

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