[edit] Summary

Mages are a ranged DPS class of World of Warcraft. Mages are the masters of Fire and Frost arts and are well supplied by the Arcane arts as well. Though they are fragile in melee combat, Mages still make there name known on a battle field from the amount of damage they can do within a few seconds. Mages are strong enough to single-target DPS but they also offer:

•A variety of AoE options
•The ability to slow/disrupt targets
•In battle Crowd Control

They also have the ability to conjure up food and drink for themselves and allies to use (easy Health and Mana).

[edit] Lore

The cries of battle carried over the forest like a melody. I felt so many precious souls being brought again into a world: new, fresh, dedicated to a different cause. The right concoction of plague, violence, and temporary unpleasantness was always a good way to make people see things in a new light.

Waking for our Warriors to bring back the ranks of human invaders together, I poked my head up (ever so slightly) and saw that the time was approaching. The humans and several of their Alliance vermin were closing in for the kill; that is how they saw it at least. Visibly, our Warriors below were in a bad place. As they feigned disorder and feigned retreat, I readied the true attack. Looking over at Ishnaron, my Warlock ally, I nodded. He knew what to do.

Calmly we strode to be top of the hill. Ishnaron's Void Walker glided through the shadows and laid into the humans, distracting them. Our Warriors turned and began to fight with renewed vigor, and I summoned the power of frost to lock them in place before I began a mighty blizzard. The humans called out to one another, lost in the sudden storm.

With my storm of cold finished, I turned too the strength of flame, and a wave of rippling fire tore through the tangle of living and dying men. They called to their healers for salvation, not realizing that those feeble creatures had died moments ago. The battle had been over before it ever began.

[edit] Starting Attributes

Blood Elves Draenei Gnome Human Troll Forsaken
Strength 17 21 15 20 21 19
Agility 22 17 23 20 22 18
Stamina 20 19 19 20 21 22
Intellect 26 24 27 23 19 20
Spirit 20 24 22 23 23 27

[edit] How To Use The Class

Mages love damage and they love to bring it to the table, whether it is to a single target or large groups. Mages use massive amounts of Mana to go burst galore often. Though Mages can be glass cannons at times (all attack and no defense), but the truth is Mages can survive if they know how to use it in short bursts. Using the right spell at the right time is crucial as it makes all the difference between unsurivable aggro and survivable aggro.

The best defense a Mage can have is it's range. Mage spells which are cast at long range are very deadly. Beyond the range itself, there are bags of uses for the delay between the successful spell cast and when they spell hits home. Most Mages spells are bolts, so there is time to cast a second spell before the first one impacts (this is a great advantage when battling monsters). Always try and cast spells at maximum range as this will give you time to react if there are enemies who want a share of trying to kill you.

Mages also get a very useful spell called Arcane Intellect. This is a very powerful buff for your Intellect and will give you and your spell caster friends the extra Mana that you may need. Along with this buff, Mages can also conjure free food and drink (Health and Mana) this greatly helps you and friends recover by decrease your down time, along with that this also saves you money on buying food and drinks. Later on, Mages are able to summon Mana Gems for themselves. This is very useful as you can use them for quick Mana if you run out during a battle.

Mages have an ability that they will eventually love, Polymorph. Polymorph is a Crowd Control ability which turns enemies into sheep this prevents them from doing any damage to you or your friends for a considerable amount of time. Unlike most other forms of Crowd Control, Polymorph can be cast at any time even if you are being directly attacked by an enemy. This spell is useful against large groups of enemies where there are to many of them to handle. Polymorph now has a variety of animals to choose from.

AoE is a Mages speciality. Mages are able to do horrendous amounts of damage to large groups within an instant. Because of this Mages are one of the most dangerous classes in PvP.

[edit] Races

Blood Elves

[edit] What Do Attributes Mean To Me

Strength - Don't bother as Mages are generally weak at melee
Stamina - Higher health which is essential for PvP
Agility - If your a good Mage they should be dead before they reach you
Intellect - More Mana and higher Spell critical hit damage
Spirit - Improved regeneration of Health and Mana

[edit] Items and Equipment

Since Mages are restricted to Cloth armor, the armor rating does not make the same differnce as it would do for a Paladin or a Warrior. The Spells and Talent Line you choose to specialize in usually always determines your effectiveness. Always try and gain higher-end gear as this helps Mages a bunch by being allowed to cast more spells, survive longer and surprisingly deal more damage.

Instead of looking for high DPS Weapons or improved armor ratings try and concentrate on getting armor pieces which improve useful parts of a Mage like increase Intellect, + spell damage or maybe even improved Stamina if in PvP. Concentrate mostly on getting gear with increased Intellect as this attribute heavily influences your spell criticals and your maximum Mana pool. Items that add + damage for Fire, Frost or Arcane spells are certainly a good option but keep in mind that Intellect is a main priority.

Solo Mages who do the odd group work every now and again would greatly benefit from having just Intellect on their gear as everyone in the group should be able to finish off a small opposing group off within a few seconds. Whereas if you are a raid Mage you would probably benefit more from having Intellect and Spirit on your gear as you shouldn't be casting spells after spells after spells.

For Weapons don't think more than a Wand. Any Wand which gives you plus damage when casting spells is a great choice as your wand should be a last resort if you ever do run out of Mana.

[edit] Choosing A Profession

Mages have a number of great solid professions choices. Taking Tailoring is useful as it is a great help for creating modest gear early on so you keep up to date with your enemies. Since Tailoring does not need a Gathering Profession, Enchanting is a great secondary choice. Taking Enchanting means you are able to give boosts to gear to make the gear go over par. Between the two you are able to create your own gear and give it a great boost so that you have an easier time tackling enemies. Enchanting is a good sister trade for Tailoring anyway, because Tailors can gather their own materials, make their own items and then break them down for Enchanting reagents!

Herbalism and Alchemy allow Mages to create their own potions which can give great advantages like boosting their spell damage or granting resistances against enemy spells. If you grab Fishing as a side skill you will be able to gain rare ingredients which maybe needed at the higher levels.

[edit] Class Spells and Abilities

There are three types available to the Mage Class: Arcane, Fire and Frost. Arcane Spells are mainly spells which help you but they do consist of attacking spells as well like Arcane Missiles and Arcane Explosion. Probably the most useful spells in this group are Arcane Intellect, Conjure Food and Conjure Water.

Fire magic provides devastating long range spells which cause horrendous amounts of damage within a small time period. If your a Mage in for the kill this is the class for you, you will find damage upon damage upon damage with this talent group.

Frost magic is there for slowing and disrupting an enemies advance while chipping Health off them every time you hit them with a spell. These spells do consitant amount of damage while adding snare or root effects to them. If you like supporting people in PvP this is a solid choice for slowing an enemies advance.

[edit] Arcane Spells

Mage Spell Arcane Power.png Arcane Power Increases your damage and Mana usage for a small amount of time
Rank Prerequisites Effect
1 3 Points in Arcane Instability, 30 points in Arcane When activated, your spells deal 35% more damage while costing 35% more mana to cast. This effect lasts 15 seconds.

[edit] Fire Spells

[edit] Frost Spells

[edit] Talents

Over the years Mage talents have been changed quite a bit. It is possible to master all 3 Talent Lines but it is not recommended. Take a long look at the talent lines before you decide which talent you are going to specialise in. Don't be afraid to respec if you don't like they style your character is playing at, at the current time.

[edit] Arcane Line

Arcane Talents are brilliant for raising mana efficiency, Damage and the base functionality for this class. With an improved Intellect buff, Presence of Mind for essentially a massive, Instant Cast, and occasionally free spells. This Talent Line has a bit of everything. If forced to declare a focus Arcane Talents would likely cone under the category of Burst Damage. Arcane Power and Presence of Mind are both late Talents in the line that could potentially turn this class into a solid burst damage class.

Tier Icon Name Ranks Requirements Description
1 Mage Talent Arcane Subtlety.png Arcane Subtlety 2 None Reduces your target's resistance to all your spells by 5 (Per Rank) ad reduces threat of Arcane spells by 20% (Per Rank)
1 Mage Talent Arcane Focus.png Arcane Focus 3 None Reduces the chance that the opponent can resist your Arcane spells by 2% (Per Rank)
1 Mage Talent Arcane Stability.png Arcane Stability 5 None Reduces the pushback suffered from damaging attacks while casting Arcane Missiles and Arcane Blast by 20% (Per Rank)
2 Mage Talent Arcane Fortitude.png Arcane Fortitude 2 Arcane 5 Increases your armor by 50% (Per Rank) of your Intellect
2 Mage Talent Magic Absorption.png Magic Absorption 2 Arcane 5 Increases all resistances by 2 (Per Rank) and causes all spells you resist to restore 1% (Per Rank) of your total mana
2 Mage Talent Arcane Concentration.png Arcane Concentration 5 Arcane 5 Gives you a 2% (Per Rank) chance of entering a Clearcasting state after any damage spell hits a target. The Clearcasting state reduces the mana cost of your next damage spell by 100%
3 Mage Talent Magic Attunement.png Magic Attunement 2 Arcane 10 Increases the affect of your Amplify Magic and Dampen magic spells by 25% (Per Rank).
3 Mage Talent Spell Impact.png Spell Impact 3 Arcane 10 Increases the damage of your Arcane Explosion, Arcane Blast, Blast Wave, Fire Blast, Scorch, Fire Ball, Ice Lance and Cone of Cold spells by an additional 2% (Per Rank)
3 Mage Talent Student Of The Mind.png Student of the Mind 3 Arcane 10 Increases your total Spirit by 4%. Progression: 4%/7%/10%
3 Spell Talent Focus Magic.png Focus Magic 1 Arcane 10 Increases casters chance to critically hit with spells by 3%. When the target critically hits the spell caster's chance to critically with spells is increased by 3% for 10 seconds. Cannot be cast on self
4 Mage Talent Arcane Shielding.png Arcane Shielding 2 Arcane 15 Decreases the mana lost per a point of damage taken while Mana Shield is active by 17% and increases resistances granted by Mage Armor by 25%. Progression Mana Shield: 17%/33%. Progression Mage Armor: 25%/50%
4 Mage Talent Improved Counterspell.png Improved Counterspell 2 Arcane 15 Gives your Counterspell a 50% chance (Per Rank) to silence the target for 4 seconds
4 Mage Talent Arcane Meditation.png Arcane Meditation 3 Arcane 15 Allows 5% (Per Rank) of your mana regeneration to continue while casting
4 Mage Talent Torment The Weak.png Torment the Weak 3 Arcane 15 Your Frostbolt, Fireball, Frostfire Bolt, Pyroblast, Arcane Missiles, Arcane Blast and Arcane Barrage abilities deal 4% (Per Rank) more damage to snare or slowed targets
5 Mage Talent Improved Blink.png Improved Blink 2 Arcane 20 Reduces mana cost of Blink by 25% (Per Rank) and for 4 seconds after casting your chance to be hit by all attacks and spells is reduced by 15% (Per Rank)
5 Mage Talent Presence Of Mind.png Presence of Mind 1 Arcane 20 When activated your next Mage spell with a casting time less than 10 seconds becomes an instant cast spell
5 Mage Talent Arcane Mind.png Arcane Mind 5 Arcane 20 Increases your maximum Mana by 2% (Per Rank)
6 Mage Talent Prismatic Cloak.png Prismatic Cloak 3 Arcane 25 Reduces all damage taken by 2% (Per Rank) and reduces the fade time of your Invisibility spell by 1 second (Per Rank)
6 Mage Talent Arcane Instability.png Arcane Instability 3 Arcane 25 and Presence of Mind Increases your spell damage and critical strike chance by 1% (Per Rank)
6 Mage Talent Arcane Potency.png Arcane Potency 2 Arcane 25 and Presence of Mind Increases the critical strike chance of your next damaging spell by 15% (Per Rank) after gaining Clearcasting or Presence of Mind
7 File:Mage Talent Arcane Empowerment.png Arcane Empowerment 3 Arcane 30 Increases the damage of your Arcane Missiles spell by an amount equal to 15% (Per Rank) of your spell power and the damage of your Arcane Blast by 3% (Per Rank) of your spell power. In addition, increases the damage of all part and raid members within 100 yards by 1% (Per Rank)
7 Mage Spell Arcane Power.png Arcane Power 1 Arcane Instability (Rank 3) and Arcane 30 When activated, your spells deal 20% more damage while costing 20% more mana to cast. This effect lasts 15 seconds
7 Mage Talent Incanters Absorbtion.png Incanter's Absorption 3 Arcane 30 When your Mana Shield, Fire Ward, Frost Ward or Ice Barrier absorbs damage your spell damage is increased by 5% (Per Rank) of the amount absorbed for 10 seconds
8 Mage Talent Arcane Flows.png Arcane Flows 2 Arcane 35 and Arcane Power Reduces the cooldown of your Presence of Mind, Arcane Power and Invisibility spells by 15% (Per Rank) and the cooldown of your Evocation spell by 1 minute (Per Rank)
8 Mage Talent Mind Mastery.png Mind Mastery 5 Arcane 35 Increases spell power by up to 3% (Per Rank) of your total Intellect
9 Mage Talent Slow.png Slow 1 Arcane 40 Reduces targets movement speed by 60%, increases time between ranged attacks by 60% and increases casting time by 30%. Lasts 15 seconds. Slow can only affect one target at a time.
9 Mage Talent Missile Barrage.png Missile Barrage 5 Arcane 40 Gives your Arcane Blast a 8% chance (Per Rank), and your Arcane Barrage, Fireball, Frostbolt and Frostfire Bolt spells a 4% chance (Per Rank) to reduce the channeled duration of the next Arcane Missile spell by 2.5 seconds and missiles will fire every 0.5 seconds
10 Mage Talent Netherwind Presence.png Netherwind Presence 3 Arcane 45 Increases your spell haste by 2% (Per Rank)
10 Mage Talent Spell Power.png Spell Power 2 Arcane 45 Increase critical strike damage bonus of all spells by 25% (Per Rank)
11 Mage Talent Arcane Barrage.png Arcane Barrage 1 Arcane 50 Launches several missiles at the enemy target causing 386 - 470 Arcane Damage

[edit] Fire Line

[edit] Frost Line

[edit] Portal Magic

A time-saving feature for Mages is that they are able to Teleport themselves and at later levels groups, to major cities across Azeroth. This power is gained at level 20 and it is limited to the two central cities of your fraction at that time. At level 30 the capital city which is further away is added to your move pool. At level 40 you learn how to transport groups and at level 50 you master this ability meaning you can transport groups to the distant capital.

It costs a light amount of money to use these abilities. You buy regents for the spells at speciality vendors. Before discounts, Mages use 10 silver for a teleport and 20 silver for a portal. A good idea if you are transporting people is to ask for a tip so you don't burn through money at the earlier levels.

[edit] Strategies

Mages are all about using strategies and tactics. This is one of the classes which you can die very quickly if you don't know what you are doing and don't have the right macros and hotkeys in place. Since a Mage is going to be wearing Cloth all the time your armor rating isn't going to be any where near on par. The key to a powerful Mage in this case is to specialise in one Talent line but have a few Talent Points in the others. Always pick a Talent Line which reflects the strategy you use and the play style you like.

[edit] Polymorph

As early as level 8 you can receive the Polymorph Spell. To practice this type of Crowd Control wait till you have a full supply of mana and then intentionally take on two monsters at the same time. Normally for such a fragile character and no damage migration character this would be a very bad situation, but thanks to Polymorph you can keep one target "sheeped" while taking down the other opposing monster. It is best to use Fireball or Frostbolt as they are exceptionally quick to cast and cause decent damage at the lower levels. If you start losing health rapidly a good idea is to "sheep" one target and run away from the other so you lose the "sheeped" target then do the same for the target following you.

Master Polymorph and learn which targets are best to hit it with. Let your groups configuration determine a great deal in the higher instances. If your group is fast at taking targets down, Polymorph the most dangerous target and keep it Polymorphed till it is it's turn to die. If your group can last a long time but kills very slowly, Polymorph the less damaging targets that take longer time to destroy. This way, you are always taking a target out of the fight that would cause most problems for your group.

[edit] Ideal Use Of Food And Water

Remember Food and Water is nearly absolutely free, it requires just a minor use of Mana and a few seconds of casting time. If you have free time and need Health or Mana just eat and drink away. With the free food and drink down time becomes considerable quicker in the long run especially in groups were you want to minimise down time so you can do a few more runs of an instance. In groups distribute this to everyone so they don't have to buy food unless it gives good stat bonuses or greatly increases there damage. Taking sips between attacking while in group instances is a great way of keeping your DPS high.

You don't need to go into battle straight away if your still down in Mana always take your time. Plus it is a good idea not to cast straight away as the tank won't take a positive look on you if you toss a Critical Hit Fire Ball a few seconds into combat. Always make sure your fully supplied before volleying damage after damage otherwise you will be drained quickly.

Treat your free Food and Water like candy, hand it out all the time giving stack fulls to everyone in your party. If your waiting for whatever reason just create stuff saves time later on when you are having downtime. If in a battle and your not needed that much hang back and create food and water for after a battle to reduce downtime.

[edit] Fun In PvP?

You might be wondering whether such a fragile character like the Mage is fun in PvP? Well the answer is a resounding yes. You have to be a little crazy to bounce around in Cloth garments, which are your only protection. However fast reacting Mages can be tougher than Warriors to kill.

In Warsong Gulch, Mages make strong defenders, good people for midfield and useful assistants for the flag carrier. Only in extremely rare cases should they carry the flag themselves, but a skilled Mage can carry the flags themselves using a successful number of tricks.

For Arathi Basin, Mages (however odd it sounds) can do the similar function as a Rogue. They are amazing at taking poorly defended site. If enemies leave an enemy with only one defender, a Mage has a very high chance that he/she may win. First off they can Polymorph the defender and take the flag. This prevents reinforcements from arriving from the resurrection cycles. After that, you only have one person to solo, and have assistance at the press of a button now you have your foot in the door.

On defense, Mages should Polymorph healers or any other casters. If your opponents has a clear leader (someone who kills well, acts intelligently) keep them "sheeped" all the time. Chain Polymorphing takes this person out of the battle for quite some time and it will upset them for you controlling them formal long. This action my throw the enemies plans into the bin and cause them to make lots of wrong moves which you can exploit to your advantage.

Use high ledges and recesses to your advantage, these heights can give you great casting time ready for the perfect ambush. You aren't goingto be the toughest character no matter how much Stamina you muster. Thus, Start Fights! Don't let people see where you are till it is to late. Stay on the balcony above the flag room in Warsong Gulch, if you hear that enemies are coming in by the tunnel. Move to the roof. If you hear they are coming from all sides hide in the cubbyhole to the side of the flag and wait for the perfect opportunity.

Use every tool you have to stay alive, many people forget that they have so many toys which can be extremely helpful. The first time you are engaged while running off or fighting, use Blink. If enemies are closing the gap again, use Frost Nova. If they are coming again try Cone of Cold. Check your timer and Blink should be ready to use to disappear again.

In PvP, Ice Armor is a very wise choice. Mana efficiency isn't nearly as important in the Battlegrounds. Survival is! And Ice Armor is one of the better tools for keeping enemies from engaging multiply times in melee.

When large packs of enemies gather, don't give up if they want your life give it at a price! Raise Mana Shield, drop every instant AoEs you can, and keep this pressure up till your Mage drops. Against four or more packed enemies this deals so much damage the healers are in deep trouble. Any allies that come to help you are likely to have much of an easier fight even if you go down in the process.

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