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[edit] Battlegrounds

[edit] Warsong Gulch

The first of the four battlegrounds players encounter. The objective of this battleground is to capture the opponent's flag three times before they capture your flag three times.

You must have your flag at your own base in order to score with your opponent's flag.

[edit] Arathi Basin

This battleground is located in Arathi Highlands and is a struggle between the Horde and the Alliance at acquiring resources for their own factions.

The objective of this battleground is to capture enough nodes to acquire 2000 resources before your opponent.

[edit] Alterac Valley

The most epic of the four battlegrounds is Alterac Valley. The legendary struggle between the Stormpike dwarves and the Frostwolf orcs requires the help of their respective factions to gain control of the wintery valley.

The objective of this battleground is to defeat the opponent's leader, Drek'thar (Horde) or Vanndar Stormpike (Alliance).

[edit] Eye of the Storm

This battleground was introduced with the release of the Burning Crusade. It is a combination of Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin. The object of the battleground is to accumulate the most points by capturing locations and capturing the flag before your opponent does.

[edit] Flagging

This only applies for those on a PvP server:

In the world, there are friendly territories, contested territories, and hostile territories.

-If you are in a friendly territory, that is a zone that is claimed for your faction and the opposing faction cannot attack you UNLESS you strike them first. Once you strike a member of the opposing faction, you become flagged and they can now attack you if they please.

-If you are in a contested territory, you are automatically flagged. Neither your faction nor the opposing faction has claim over this territory and anyone is free game. You may attack the opposing faction and they may attack you.

-If you are in a hostile territory, you are at a bit of a disadvantage. If you are in hostile territory, that means you are in a zone that the opposing faction has claim over. That means anyone of the opposing faction can attack you but you cannot attack them unless they have stricken a member of your faction. They must be flagged for you to attack. Once you enter hostile territory, you are automatically flagged.

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