The Icon of Shadows, The Darkspear Tribe the Island Trolls
Character ClassesClasses
Racial MountRaptor
Racial TraitsRacials
  • Reserking
  • Regeneration
  • Beast Slaying
  • Bow and Throwing Weapon Specialisation
LanguagesZandali, Orcish
Current LeaderVol'jin
Height6'1" - 7'1" (male), 5'9" - 6'9" (female)


[edit] In-Game

Only one thing is similar amongst all Trolls. They are very adaptable at what their class can do. Trolls of any class can compete against other races. Though their Intellect is considerably lower their other stats and armor boosts make up for it at the later levels.

[edit] Starting Attributes

[edit] Racial Traits

[edit] Starting Location

[edit] Brief History

[edit] Roleplaying Tips

The Trolls have learned to harness the power of hate. After using it for generations, they have become adept at it's cultivation. Their hatred for Humans is well known, and a few Trolls are without the burning need for spilt Human blood.

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