Warsong Gulch

Related Alliance-friendly faction: The Silverwing Sentinels
Related Horde-friendly faction: The Warsong Riders

Nestled in the foothills of southern Ashenvale lies Warsong Gulch, a capture-the-flag style battleground in which the opposing raid groups of 10 people battle each other in an attempt to capture the other's flag while defending their own.

Hidden in alcoves and houses along the way are special runes including speed and bloodlust. The graveyards for the respective sides are located high up in the base.

When carrying the flag the player cannot stealth, and will leave a glowing trail behind the flag. Very often players will take advantage of speed buffs either by runes, potions, or abilities to escape. A point is awarded when the enemy flag is brought to your own; if your flag has been captured, it must first be reclaimed.

Warsong Gulch tests teamplay and class roles in a unique way and is a popular small battleground.

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